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Learn. Adapt. Repeat.Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their strengths

The CEO helps position Continental Office for the future as the organization gets larger, deeper and better at saying no.

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Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their...

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Pay it forwardGary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at GAI Consultants

GAI's Gary DeJidas coaches his staff to take on increasing responsibility with leadership development and employee engagement within the $160 million company.

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Gary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at...

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Main Street GourmetHarvey Nelson is almost, maybe, possibly ready to exit Main Street Gourmet

Since day one, Harvey Nelson has been ready to walk away from Main Street Gourmet. Thirty-two years later, he just might be ready.

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Harvey Nelson is almost, maybe, possibly ready to exit...

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Industrial Commercial Properties LLCChristopher S. Semarjian sees what others can’t

As the owner of Industrial Commercial Properties, Chris Semarjian has never viewed what he does as work. Real estate is his passion, enabling him to build a vast and lucrative portfolio of dynamic real estate assets.

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Christopher S. Semarjian sees what others can’t


Recover your capital investment more quickly through cost segregation

Virtually everyone who owns, constructs, renovates or acquires a commercial (or residential) real estate facility stands to benefit from a cost segregation study. Clark Schaefer Hackett's Kathy Pugh and Chris Bzinak discuss how.

How to prepare to defend against “bet-the-company” litigation

Bet-the-company litigation is a term recently created to refer to complex litigation that could result in a company going bankrupt and going out of business — it’s a new name given to an existing phenomenon, says McCarthy Lebit's Robert T. Glickman.

If the idea of a ransomware attack doesn’t keep you up at night, it should

Ransomware is like New York City, says Shawn Richardson, principal of Cyber Services at Rea & Associates. Just like how New York’s downtown buildings have constantly changed over the past 25 years, ransomware gets bigger, better and more modern as bad actors build upon past forms.

How to make your digital transformation a success

Organizations must get a handle on their data, not only to understand their business better, but also to act on the information in a timely manner, says EOX Vantage's Sudhir Achar.

How to efficiently manage your technology assets

In today’s environment, technology is everywhere. That's why it's critical for companies to manage their technology assets throughout their lifespan, says Huntington Bank's Jim Altman.

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